Work Remotely, Challenge Accepted

2022 could be declared as the year to work remotely

..and set as a standard in the global community. 

We are almost covered in the second year of COVID-19 and the nice negative things that a pandemic can bring like quarantines, regulations applied on social life, etc.

I don’t like to say that especially for the past 2 years but if we could see something positive inside all that horrible situation is the consolidation of remote working.

A lot of companies have created the necessary infrastructure to support their employees and equip them with all the necessary tools for their work. Also, new services have been developed to cover the needs of fitness while working from home and in general to secure the body and mental health of everyone.

The result: Productivity rates were higher and people despite this negative situation that the pandemic brought is more than satisfied with their working mode as this brings a better balance between working and personal life.

work remotely

I remember when I was working in Nuremberg and leaving in a small town 16km away, I was really enjoying my work BUT 16km as few as it sounds. 

More or less I needed 2 hours back and forth with public transportation and almost the same by car if you include the parking mess. Yes, I could avoid that with a private parking spot but you got the point.

Remote working came to save the day. No more lost time in transportation, you can get out of your bed at your own pace, wear something comfy, make your coffee and enjoy the process of it, and also meditate if you want before starting your working day. The feeling is incredible!

digital nomads

You are married with children? More time the people you love! The great privilege of seeing your people during your break or even eating something with them during lunch. No more 2 separate lives, 1 in the office and 1 at home.

You are single? That gives a more dynamic way of leaving! The ability to work from almost anywhere with the only obstacle the electric power and a good internet connection provides some options that could be extraordinary.

I have two wonderful daughters and I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world but sometimes I envy my colleagues as digital nomads for spending 2-3 months every year away. One month in Brazil, one month in Crete, Greece (have you tasted the food over there?), and one somewhere else! An easy way to find out the types of food tourism!

To visit a place, not in the context of tourism but having the ability to stay more and learn about the locals and the way they leave without having to resign your job is for sure a privilege.

You are a winter guy, you got some great options to escape summer extreme temperatures! You are a summer guy, Australia seems promising when the winter arrives at your place! You can call it a research about alternative tourism types!


Negative things about remote working

Some ask, don’t you feel the pressure of being home all the time? Don’t you miss wearing something that you like, not your home hoodies, and socializing with the colleagues in the office? Well.. yes ok, I miss my colleagues because there are nice guys and gals but don’t have the need to meet them in an office space. There are coffee shops and bars for that 🙂 And in general don’t have the need to go to an office just to get out of my house.

To address a real problem, I could say that extra space could be a  luxury. And working from home needs that extra space. A spare room is a must to convert it to a fully functional office. If both of the couple work from home could be even more challenging especially when you have kids. If not, please ignore this section!

Enough said, to sum up,

Pros and Cons of remote working


  • Save transportation time
  • Quality and balanced time for personal or family use
  • Enjoy the ability to work from anywhere, visit new places without the need of days off


  • Feel the pressure of social distancing till you find your ways of relaxation
  • Don’t have the necessary space to create a work-from-home office
digital nomad lunch break
Digital Nomad Lunch Break Look-alike! Still in the office?