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What is Food Tourism

First things first, let’s

Define food tourism

When you choose your next travel destination based on something that you really want to taste, that’s the essence of food tourism!

I remember some time ago when I was watching a Netflix series that combined cooking with stories from different persons and cultures called “Street Food: Latin America“. In the first two episodes they had me. 

First one was taking place in Argentina with choripans and Pato’s cheese tortilla. I am a fan of Mediterranean cuisine and not eating so many dairy products. But the way they presented their recipe and the “soul” let’s say behind that, was enough to make me want to try it!

The second one was from Brazil. The story of chef Dona Suzanna and her spicy moqueca  blew my mind! 

(Looking for How to make moqueca? Here it is Moqueca Recipe!!)

Unique stories create a unique feeling and that is also what great food that has a story can bring. 

I was thrilled about the stories of people, the life tips that they shared and of course the fascinating recipes they prepare. To be honest after seeing these two episodes, and here I want to mention that I am based in Europe, the first
thing that came into my mind is to login to skyscanner and check how I could get there just to meet them and taste their dishes. 

So this is what you can call Food Tourism!

foot tourism

Food has a connection with the current period that we are leaving. Lets make some parallelism, when refrigerator was not a mainstream device, people used to prepare salted pork or fish to have it stored for the winter.

 When the main heating solution was a wooden stove, there were more people that bake their own bread or prepare stew type of food.
Now that the period is flooded with information and the modern age tend to be a nine-to-fiver kind of style, fast food and microwaves are first on the list.

I also remember a story of a guy that was a great fan of tacos from taco bell and when he realize how real tacos taste like, was ready to move to Mexico 😛

I think you get the point.

Examples of food tourism 

  • Want good homemade pasta? Sicily in Italy could be a good option
  •  Mexican food? Please try Mexico..
  • My personal best, Donna Suzana and her Moqueca, haven’t yet visited but I will at some point soon. In the meantime you can find the spot in the map here
  • Also we shouldn’t forget Greek cuisine which is synonymous with Mediterranean cuisine but if you want to make a start, Cretan food is something that is guaranteed for all tastes.

Food is inextricably linked with the culture of each place and sometimes the current working or financial state. So it is more than common sense that our tastes suit with a specific destination.

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