What is Ecotourism and Why you should care

So what are your thoughts when you hear about Ecotourism?

The first thing that comes in our mind is visiting nature, some place off the grid maybe or a natural attraction. As no one can tell you that this meaning is incorrect there is the need to point out some additional information about ecotourism that can be described more as a movement.

According to The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), ecotourism can be defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”.

Works better a definition for you? Check here how we define responsible tourism

Why Ecotourism and why we should care

Not a trend folks, something that is here to stay and if you want my opinion should stay!

Global warming, flooding and in general all the harmful impact of our actions on the planet are starting to show the need of a new traveler behavior, that searches for facilities and destinations that support this cause.


Let’s start with some keywords that can help us get into the point.

Responsibility, sustainability, respect and conservation are the main key factors that play a significant role when we talk about ecotourism, green tourism etc.

Respect is a key to everything. A must for our personal relationships, our daily work and in general respect is a sign of greatness.

Conservation is an important aspect that can be achieved even with small actions. Walk where possible, go green as a general rule, reduce the water consumption when it should, dont waste any kind of resources in the name of holidays and enjoy each place without interfering with its natural surroundings. I know getting a white rock from a beautiful beach as souvenir is tempting but imagine that on scale 🙂

Also big results can come from tourist organizations with research and direct environmental conservation effort. Biodiversity should be protected and offer long-term results.

Economy-wise supporting the local community while traveling can create a big impact as maintains the sustainability of the place. Try local restaurants, buying souvenirs handmade or not, trying various activities with locals if possible, fight against illegal trade etc. can help to fight economic issues that can possible face during non-touristic season and add more value into the services that can offer always with respect to the natural landscape.

Enjoying the result of everything is great but what always pays off is the how it gets there. So learning about each place, enjoy the beauty but also for be aware of the environmental problems or the dangers can possibly face, increases the awareness and give food for thought and creates an attitude that can be used as an asset to our daily life!

Doing your own research is vital. Don’t forget that green-actions is a power marketing trick for a lot of companies that promise a lot of good stuff but… end result doesn’t justify the cause…


Before we close our short article about ecotourism let’s make some proposals. So let’s assume you are looking for

a holiday destination and you want to look for eco-hotel, eco-service etc. what to look?

Activities that combine nature in various aspects! Have you ever cook outside? Villages and near beaches is a good option. Reconnect with the beauty and tranquility of nature, it is easy to detox from urban stress. And you don’t need to worry about being too isolated.

So to sum up let’s put in a list the five steps to have in mind if you want a better sustainable travel experience:

  1. Support local economy for example, purchase locally made souvenirs and crafts.
  2. Research your accommodation and tour operator.
  3. Opt for public transportation wherever you can.
  4. Minimize waste, avoid plastic and respect each place pain points.
  5. Be respectful of wildlife and natural landscape

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