Hey, what the heck is responsible tourism? 

So the way that I was traveling so far make me an irresponsible traveler? No not at all but we need to understand the importance of our actions and the footprint that we leave while traveling around the world.

The end goal is to have fun while learning about the place, the people, and their culture and have a general understanding of what helped it to become the place that it is today through time.

definition of responsible tourism


Let’s try to define responsible tourism:

Responsible tourism means to travel in favor of nature and local communities and minimize your footprint wherever you can. Let visiting a place become an act of preserving it letting every place and community benefit from it without becoming a reason for alienation.

Keywords to succeed on it: awareness, respect, action

Responsible tourism is also about showing respect. Respect for the people, local community, culture, wildlife, structures, and the environment of the places you’re visiting.

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