Can a luxury hotel be Sustainable?

sustainable tourism

What is sustainable tourism ? What is green hotel and How you can travel in a way reducing your carbon footprint?

Steps to sustainable Travel


Green hotel

Choose your accommondation according to green criteria and contribute to sustainable tourism. Learn what is a green hotel and how to recognize it.


Green airlines

Before your book your flight, think to use a sustainable travel airline or shipping company. Search for the green airlins.


Green companies

Use eco-friendly travel agents or rental companies to enhance the sustainable tourism

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green hotel
green hotels ecotourism

What is eco-tourism

What are your thoughts when you hear about Ecotourism?

This Is Why

Why to travel sustainable

Climate change

Carbon emmision is changing our climate. Contribute to the stabilization of the climate change by reducing your cardon footpront during traveling.


Biodiversity is very important for the human needs. Contribute to the conservation of the biodiversity by choosing sustainable hotels.


Sustainable tourism implies respect to the humans rights, excludes child labor and respects the local communities.

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